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Virtual Dermot - Animated in 1999 / ANIMATION

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How to describe this? Animated in 1999 as a demonstration for game companies as to how one would create quality isometric animation for interactive projects. I used my own voice, recorded on an original Edison wax cylinder, and animated the actions traditionally, with paper and pencil. Then scanned, imported to an Amiga 3000, painted with Dpaint/PPaint7, assembled in Take 2, then transferred to VHS. Full instructions can be provided on Sumerian cuneiform upon request.

Anyway, once I got my hands on a copy of Flash, around 2000, conversion to swf format began, and the result is what you see here.

Nothing ever came of it, but I was busy for 4 weeks. There were worse things one could have done with that time, but I can also think of better ones.