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Idleworm History
Idleworm (1.0) began on the 23rd of May 2000, initially as a repository for my early and primitive efforts in Flash animation. The subject matter during that period was silly pop culture tat of the worst kind.

By late 2002, Idleworm (2.0) had morphed into a political blog, with snarky commentary, depressing news, and the occasional cartoon, animation or emotional breakdown, depending on the day of the week. Whereas 1.0 was too trivial, 2.0 was too dour by half.

A few years ago I attempted to transform the site yet again into Idleworm (3.0), a more pleasant place, full of arty farty ooo-la-la posts, but lost interest as other projects stole focus. OK, to tell the truth and shame the Devil, I fell into the yawning Stygian Abyss that is the Facebook data-mine...and so did most of the readers. So inevitably, Idleworm decayed.On the bright side, they now get their full share of inspirational quotes "Be the change in the darkness", Upworthy pablum, photos of their friends dinners, soggy clickbait and clapped out meme-turds with a half life of hours. LIKE.

Enough Facebook. What surplus energy remains will go into this site. Hence the latest stripped down, simple blog, Idleworm 3.1 ... the occasional post of material that I find interesting - hopefully something off the beaten track. There is no point in being the meme-gasm of the week, or the latest episode of 'My Little Kony'.

During the site's hiatus my interests have changed, so anyone familiar with the previous incarnation of the site might be surprised at the change in focus. Gone the posts on space images (if I never see another inspiring banal image of one of Saturn's ice moons hovering over the rings it will be too soon). Snark levels will be reduced by at least 76.3%. Also, I'm working very hard on avoiding any posts about political chicanery.

Personal History and Projects
Dermot O Connor, animator, occasional cartoonist, indie film-maker. I've worked in animation professionally since being hired by Don Bluth in 1988, and have worked in feature, tv, interactive and mobile/web.

Recent works of note:

'There's No Tomorrow', a 34 minute long introduction to peak oil, resource depletion, and the impossibility of infinite growth on a finite planet. The title is off-putting - which is good, because if you're depressed you don't need to watch it. Go out and plant some tomatoes instead. Seriously.

'Don't Frack our Future', a 5 minute long animated short for a UK anti-fracking campaign, run by Lush, a cosmetics company. This one turned out very nicely, it's short and sweet, a nice introduction to a horrible subject.

I recently created all the character animation on the original Disney game 'Where's My Water', which became pretty popular. The animation was enjoyable but challenging, as there were frame limitations and technical constraints, but the final project was fun. It might amuse you to know that I listened to the complete Game of Thrones audio books while animating the crocodile, so I can't think of Swampy without hearing Roy Dotrice recounting some brutal massacre of innocent villagers.

Currently I'm working on two large scale projects: 'Continuum', a ~160 page comic book in which Albert Einstein takes a young George Bush on a journey through spacetime and philosophy, and 'To Boldly Grow', a ~100 page comic book version of 'There's No Tomorrow'. As you can see, the comic has a much better title.

In addition, I've been recording some courses. If you're interested in Flash animation or animation in general, you might find them useful. Feedback from friends in the industry has been extremely positive.

My animation blog is angry animator, where I post the occasional cartoon/animation content; the site I maintain for finished films and projects is incubate pictures.