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ANIMATION FROM 2007 - 2014 - serving our malthusian overlords

To Boldly Grow - 2014, April 12
The third of five sequences from the film 'There's No Tomorrow', presented here as a single work.

Don't Frack Our Future - 2013, July 20
My animated short for an anti-fracking campaign in the UK.

There's No Tomorrow - 2012, Feb 13
My documentary about resource depletion and the impossibility of infinite growth on a finite planet.

Angry Animator
My animation blog.

Incubate Pictures
My animation website.

Animation Tutorials
How to animate a bouncing ball, walk cycles and dialog.

ANIMATION FROM ~ 2002 - 2005 - oh no, he's getting all serious

Gulf War Game - 2002
This game went viral in 2003 - too bad you need a war to get viewers.

Anthrax Ice Cream - 2004
I made this around 2004. The animation is a bit simple, but it's still got a point to make.

Oil Emperor of Dune - 2004
Arrakis = Iraq-qis. A silly little cross-over, also from 2004.

ANIMATION FROM ~ 2000 - 2001 - silly pop culture tat

Kirk Vs. Picard Star Trek Game - 2001
This is as good as my programming skills were to get.

Papal Bowling - 2000
If 911/GW2 had never happened, maybe I'd still be animating stuff like this.

Barney in a Minefield - 2000
A more innocent time.

ANIMATION FROM ~ 1999 - plans to rule the world

Virtual Dermot - 1999
Having recently directed the animation for several large Disney Interactive games, I created this virtual avatar to demonstrate how I would go about creating the ultimate 2D isometric game character.