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The Curmudgeon and the Archdruid - 2014, August 4
Great chat between Kunstler and Greer about the spiral into splat.

Machines of Loving Grace - 2014, July 30
The Computers are not what they seem.

All your braincells are belong to us - 2014, July 14
Solar Freakin Roads hold you in contempt.

Jung and Ballard on collective insanity - 2012, December 14
Carl Jung and J.G. Ballard on the collective madness of societies.

The Snafu Principle - 2011, February 2
Robert Anton Wilson on the dangers of telling the truth in a hierarchical system.

To We or not to We - 2010, December 8
I think We should shut the fup.

Saturn: it's all Gravy - 2010, November 11
Saturn's rings are cool n'stuff, but how do they help Me, here on Earth?