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Dermot O Connor - Resume / CV

My career began in Dublin in 1988, working for Don Bluth in his feature studio. Five years later I moved to LA, where I directed several computer games for Disney Interactive. Subsequent work has involved projects for the web, mobile devices and TV. When not busy on freelance jobs, I work on my own projects - I have recently completed a half-hour documentary, as well as a five-minute short.

For several years I've been teaching online coures on animating with Flash for, the leading online educational company.

Current projects underway are two comic books, both on educational subjects.

I'm extremely proficient in Flash, but am also comfortable with After Effects, and when 3D is needed, Cinema 4D (though not for character work).



Director - Incubate Pictures   (2011 – present)
This is the website through which I release my own projects.
All of the work in the two films below is my own.
  • 'There's No Tomorrow' (2012). 34 minutes. It deals with the issues of energy, resource depletion, and growth. I estimate that this represents about 2.5 to 3 years of continuous work.
  • 'Don't Frack Our Future' (2013). 5 minutes. An anti-fracking short for a UK campaign. This was created over a 4 month period.
Author -   (2010 – 2015)
I've recorded six video courses on animation for Lynda:
  • 'Flash Professional CS5: Character Animation'
  • 'Animation Tips and Tricks with Flash Professional'
  • 'Rigging a Face in Flash Professional'
  • 'Principles of Animation'
  • 'Traditional Animation in Flash'
  • 'Toon Boom Animate and Harmony Essential Training'
Animator (Freelance) - Disney Mobile   (2011)
Lead animator on mobile game 'Where's My Water'. All of the character gameplay animation on the first two Swampy games is by me.

The game was animated entirely in Flash CS5.5, using the IK/bones system. I took the original artwork, rigged it in Flash, adding as many hand-drawn actions as memory allowed to flesh out the symbol animation.

Animator - Ledor Group   (2006 – 2010)
Created the interactive stage animation for 'Picardy Penguin'; this is an educational project, created by Lucas Richman (Music Director for the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra since 2003 and, beginning with the 2010-2011 season, Music Director and Conductor for the Bangor Symphony Orchestra).
I work directly with Lucas on the integration of the animation with the stage show.

Animator - Fatkat Animation Studios   (2006 – 2007)
Character animation on kids' TV show 'Super Normal'.
It was my first experience dealing with a bi-weekly TV animation schedule, and dealing with the different issues that arise in a full Flash production.

Animator - Walt Disney Internet Group   (2004 – 2006)
Created 30 second animated Flash cartoons for the Japanese celphone market. Other tasks involved creating animated ringtones and concomitant ephemera.

Animator - Warner Brothers New Media   (2003)
Short-term job; created interactive animated flash games for kids' WB website.

Animation Director - Creative Capers Entertainment   (1994–99)
These were hand-drawn games, based on classic and current Disney movies:
  • Adventures in Typing
  • Little Mermaid Studio
  • Aladdin Math Adventure
  • Hercules Storybook
  • 101 Storybook
  • Topsy Turvy Games
Animator - Sullivan Bluth Studios, Dublin   (1988 – 1993)
  • 'Pebble and the Penguin'
  • 'Thumbelina'
Assistant work:
  • 'Troll in Central Park'
  • 'Rock A Doodle'