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Medieval Dublin - 2014, May 1 HISTORY

Poster: Dublin c.840~c.1540 'The years of mediaeval growth'.

During the years 1986-88 I worked for my uncle Liam O Connor, who was a good friend of the poets James Liddy and Michael Hartnett. Liam had this poster hanging in his studio, and it was the one possession of his that I wanted after his death in 2010.

Click on the image above for the full sized version, which is very large.

The poster is from the late 1970s, so no doubt some of the archaeology is out of date, but there's a great deal of information in it that will be of interest to anyone familiar with Dublin. Note 'The Green Area of St. Stephen', which is now St. Stephen's Green - this will allow moderns to locate the general area of today's Grafton Street. Also note that hangman's lane and the gibbet mede are very close to today's Four Courts, so that part of Dublin has had the same function for at least 500 years. Also, Dolphin's Barn is 'Dolfynesberne' - the story that it was named after the French Dauphin being a myth, sadly (Dolphyne was a family who owned a storehouse there).

I spent about 2 weeks working on the image in Photoshop, cleaning it up, removing scratches and creases, fixing the dark areas.

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