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Unexplained Magazine, Issue list  - 2014, April 9 /OCCULT

I've got 165 of these, and will try to post more scans, time permitting.

Unexplained, Issue 1:
  • UFO: The UFO Paradoxby Hilary Evans
  • UFO: Strange Encounters of Many Kindsby Charles Bowen
  • UFO: Photo File
  • ESP: In Search of the Sixth Senseby Roy Stemman
  • CRYPTOZOOLOGY: Man, Myth or Monsterby Janet and Colin Bord
Unexplained, Issue 2:
  • HYPNOSIS: The Power of Suggestionby Brian Inglis
  • HUMAN COMBUSTION: Ashes to Ashesby Bob Rickard
  • UFO: Photo File
  • BLACK HOLES: Where Time Stopsby Nigel Henbest
  • ESP: Messages in the Mindby Roy Stemman
  • CRYPTOZOOLOGY: On the Bigfoot Trailby Janet and Colin Bord
Unexplained, Issue 3:
  • BLACK HOLES: Doorway to beyondby Nigel Henbest
  • HUMAN COMBUSTION: A Strange Unnatural Burningby Bob Rickard
  • KIRLIAN PHOTOGRAPHY: Images of the Unseenby Brian Snellgrove
  • HYPNOSIS: Other voices, other livesby David Christie-Murray
  • UFO: The New Zealand UFO filmby Charles Bowen
Unexplained, Issue 4:
  • BLACK MADONNAS: Virgins with a pagan pastby Richard Leigh & M. Baigent
  • ESP: Clues from Clairvoyanceby Roy Stemman
  • UFO: Photo file
  • UFO TECHNOLOGY: Spinning through spaceby Tony Osman
  • CRYPTOZOOLOGY: Creatures from the voidby Janet & Colin Bord
  • HYPNOSIS: The case for Bridey Murphyby David Christie-Murphy
Unexplained, Issue 5:
  • BLACK HOLES: Building a black holeby Adrian Berry
  • HUMAN COMBUSTION: Mysteries of the human bonfireby Bob Rickard
  • UFO TECHNOLOGY: On an H-Bomb to the starsby Tony Osman
  • SEA MONSTERS: Monsters of the deepby Janet & Colin Bord
  • KIRLIAN PHOTOGRAPHY: Reading betweent the linesby Brian Snellgrove
  • UFO CASEBOOK: Silently, out of the night skyby Charles Bowen