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Unexplained Magazine, Issue 1 - 2014, April 04 / OCCULT

Complete list of current scans.

A little joy and strangeness came into my childhood around 1980 with the arrival of 'The Unexplained'. 165 issues were published; contributors / consultants / editors included Peter Brookesmith, Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Professor A. J. Ellison, Brian Innes, Colin Wilson and Rupert Sheldrake. The tone of the magazine, contrary to popular perception, was agnostic - many phenomena were actually debunked in the magazine, others left open. The 'Angels of Mons' got a good debunking, for example.

I'll try to upload an issue a week, time permitting. Click 'list of current scans' above, for the latest issues uploaded. Here's the full-sized album on imgur.

  • UFO: The UFO Paradoxby Hilary Evans
  • UFO: Strange Encounters of Many Kindsby Charles Bowen
  • UFO: Photo File
  • ESP: In Search of the Sixth Senseby Roy Stemman
  • CRYPTOZOOLOGY: Man, Myth or Monsterby Janet and Colin Bord
Issue #1 came with a 7 inch plastic record, containing audio recordings, allegedly of the dead. This record scared the wits out a generation of 10-12 year olds, myself included. Fortunately, both sides of the record have been uploaded to youtube:


Notice the absence of adverts (barring the one for the binder on the back cover). Also notice the simplicity of the design/layout. There are rarely more than two fonts per page, the text is spaced out for legibility, and there are no stapled inserts with free samples for mens' cologne.

Does anyone still create magazines like this?
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